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The main focus of the center is to provide consulting services in multiple fields through a team of experts and specialists


The Administrative and Financial Training Center offers special training programs for the personal development of executives and high-level leaders. These programs are distinguished by providing customized training sessions tailored to meet the participants' needs and personal goals.

These programs focus on improving administrative performance, developing ideas and viewpoints, and modernizing management methods to keep pace with the latest scientific theories and practical applications of local and international companies and institutions.

These programs have the following advantages:


Tailor-made, specialized training sessions.

Flexibility in determining the place and time that suits the participants.

Program design and development specifically to meet participants' needs and personal goals.

Highly interactive training sessions with follow-up to ensure personal goals are achieved.

Training programs designed for the elite.


All in all, the special training programs offered by the "Administrative and Financial Training Center" are a great opportunity to improve your managerial and executive skills, as they provide you with the specialized educational environment that helps you achieve your personal goals.



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