Training Methodology

Before Training

  • Analysis and identification of the training needs of participants with the aim of enhancing their efficiency in work.
  • Identifying the objectives of the training program and participants' expectations for improving their skills and behaviors. Determining the timetable for the training program.
  • Selecting a specialized trainer for the training program according to the criteria that align with the aspirations and needs of the participants.
  • Preparation and arrangement of the necessary scientific materials and activities.
  • Reviewing the content of scientific materials and practical exercises with trainers and specialists.
  • Assigning a supervisor for the training program to provide full support.
  • Preparing the pre-test to measure the initial level of trainees to achieve the best results.
  • Preparing the appropriate training environment for face-to-face courses and the necessary tools, as well as preparing virtual platforms for online training.

During Training

  • Continuously monitor the progress of the training program during the training days and ensure that the objectives are achieved regularly.
  • Constantly evaluate the trainer and participants during the training days to ensure the quality of training outputs.
  • Ensure the use of practical activities, exercises, tools, workshops, and training videos.
  • Assist participants in solving their technical problems during virtual sessions to ensure the quality of audiovisual transmission and the possibility of interaction and participation.
  • Conduct the post-test at the end of the training program.
  • Conduct the final evaluation of the training program, which includes content, material, trainer, training environment, and electronic platforms.
  • Take pictures and memorable shots during the training program.

After Training

  • Review the results of the final evaluation of the program and assess the evaluation to ensure the quality of outputs.
  • Ensure that the outcomes of the training program are achieved as expected and determine the impact of training on the participants.
  • Communicate with participants and ensure the achievement of their desired results.
  • Review the trainer's evaluation, trainee interaction, and participation, and submit it to companies and organizations.
  • Prepare final reports covering all aspects of the program using tools and charts.
  • Send certificates to participants according to the attendance policy of the center.
  • Maintain continuous communication and follow-up after training with institutions and companies.

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